About VictimRights

Trying medical malpractice cases on behalf of our clients is a difficult, draining, and expensive process for attorneys, even when we win (which is quite rare these days).  However, one of the pleasant upsides of this business is the esprit de corp that we plaintiff attorneys and advocates share in knowing that we are fighting the good fight for the vulnerable and protecting the Rule of Law.  The fact that we are demonized in the media and by so-called “tort reformers” only makes us more committed and devoted to our cause.

This site is intended to benefit those of us who continue to seek justice for our clients at great cost and expense to ourselves, our families, and our firms.  It hopes to improve the chances of success for all of us by sharing resources and legal research that has proven to be useful in my endeavors.  It thereby seeks to lend support to those who believe that the legal process serves a valuable role in helping to alleviate the substantial burdens incurred by those who are injured, while also improving consumer and patient safety by encouraging individuals and corporations to use methods that prevent dangerous conduct and resulting harm.

It is also my way of saying thanks to all those attorneys who have helped me develop as a lawyer through the years.


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